FAQ (Frequently asked questions)

1. Is the price per room or per person in click4hotel.eu?

The price is per room. Maximum persons per room is shown in description.


2. What does the price include?

The price in our offer is final and includes all charges and other services, which are mentioned in every room type.


3. Why do I need to use my credit card details and will I be charged anything?

Credit card details are necessary to guarantee your reservation at the chosen hotel. We do not charge any fee, the price is the same if you reserve through our on line system or directly in hotel. Please note that the chosen hotel can pre-authorize your credit card to make sure that it’s valid and has sufficient funds. Click4hotel.eu is only an agent in this contractual relation.


4. If I don’t want to fill details of credit card through internet, can I make the reservation?

Yes, our system offers also this service. To make reservation without filling the credit card details contact our telephonist and she will be glad to make the reservation via phone.


5. Is it safe to send details of my credit card?

Yes, it is safe to send details of your credit card through our system, because we are using encrypted SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) protocol.


6. How can I cancel my reservation?

You can cancel or change your reservation at Click4hotel.eu under “MY RESERVATION“ at the home page.


7. Why should I choose Click4hotel.eu?

Click4hotel.eu will completely take care of you. We will provide you not only the accommodation but also the transfer from airport or railway station to hotel, sightseeing tours, and tickets to theatre. We approach individually to each reservation and we will realize every your wish…