Black light theatre

We have chosen the 2 following shows from many because they are the best which we can offer you in Prague. Pre-booked tickets will be paid at the theatre before the chosen show.


Frankenstein - 3D show - Crazy Family Horror

Black light theatre - Frankenstein - 3D show - Crazy Family Horror

Palace theatre – Wenceslas Square 43- The show starts at 20:00

The “Colour Dreams of Dr. Frankenstein” show naturally combines elements of classic black light theatre with modern 3D technology. 3D makes the “Colour Dreams” a truly unique experience, without comparison in the world of black light theatre. Thanks to the high-quality techniques and its original script, the audience feels itself right in the middle of the action, the actors and props step outside of the stage and move around, literally within arm’s reach. The tale, not without poetry or humour, is enriched through state-of-the-art technology, music and dance, the dance troupe featuring celebrities such as a three-time world break-dance champion and artistes from the Moscow Circus. The plot is illustrated through the captivating musical score and imaginative sound and light effects. This precisely judged whole, given with appropriate measures of love and enthusiasm, guarantees a unique experience for viewers of all generations; for connoisseurs of black light theatre, as well as those who are not yet familiar with this art form.



Black light theatre - Faust

All Colours Theatre- Rytířská 31- The show starts at 20:30

Faust is the legendary story of a man's quest for knowledge, power and immortality, for which he ultimately pays a high price. This fine black light theatre production is based on the classic work by J.W. Goethe. The performance is an exhilarating combination of dynamic dance routines, dramatic music and visual effects, enriched by state of the art equipment. As we are in Prague, there are also some wonderful Czech puppets in the show. The All Colours Theatre employs a host of black light tricks to illustrate a perfect mastering of technical, illuminative and acoustic concepts. By transforming Faust into the black theatre environment, the performance has gained an exciting, unique character. As with all black light theatre productions, the story is recounted visually and so attracts an International audience of both adults and children.